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zkusenost s Developer Technical Support (DTS)

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Re: zkusenost s Developer Technical Support (DTS)

Autor: J J

15:41:43 17.11.2011

Klasika. Cvičená opice se snaží být inteligentní. Je potřeba nemást je kontextem a ptát se pouze a jen na ten konkrétní krok.

O něco lepší zkušnost jsme mívali s applovskými fóry pro vývojáře.

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zkusenost s Developer Technical Support (DTS)

Autor: s

10:07:19 17.11.2011


mate nejakou zkusenost se $subj? Ja to zkusil a mam pocit, ze mi odpovida vratnej z lamparny. Jen pro zajimavost prikladam kopii nasi diskuse. Kdyby mi nekdo umel poradit, tak dik ;-) Serazeno chronologicky, nahore nejstarsi.



I'm working on an application which helps user to search his time-machine backups.

Currently, my application requires sparsebunde to be mounted first to access backup dirs.

So, you must "enter-timemachine" before using the application. Could you please point me on a doc, or better an Objective-C
example, which can do the same "mount" operation as "enter-timemachine" does and obtain a path on what directory
the sparsebunde is mounted on?



Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS). Our engineers have reviewed your request and have concluded that there is no supported way to achieve the desired functionality given the currently shipping system configurations.

If you would like for Apple to consider adding support for a TimeMachine API in the future, please submit an enhancement request via the Bug Reporter tool at <>.

While you were initially charged a technical support incident for this request, we have assigned a replacement incident back to your account. If you require further assistance with this issue, please send your question as a new email to

Thank you for taking the time to file this report. We truly appreciate your help in discovering and isolating issues.

Best Regards,


Hello Developer Technical Support,

As I discovered, "enter-timemachine" just mounts a sparse-bundle located on an external disk (time-capsule in my case). So, what do I really need is to mount a sparse-bundle.

I searched for the answer myself on internet and I found:

Couldn't be DADiskMountWithArguments used for mounting sparse-bundle? Apple has documented this function so I suppose the API is there and it should be supported. However, the documentation is poor. An example would be great.

And at leas I can call hdiutil external application to mound sparse-bundle, so there is a solution.


Thank you for your follow-up email.

The structure of Time Machine backups is not publicly available.

Best Regards,



I'm sorry for my english. I'm not native english speaker so my english is not perfect. Maybe you did not understand. So, please read my email and try to think about my question.

I'm not asking you about TM backup structure. I'm asking you how to mount sparse-bundle and I found I can probably do this by DADiskMountWithArguments function but I'm not sure how. So the question is:

Can I use DADiskMountWithArguments() to mount sparse-bundle and how?

Thank You

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